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Operating for 40 years, DIB Production achieves a turnover of 10 million euros with over 70 employees, divided into 3 Business Units:

DIB Metalwork represents 55% of our activity and includes the activities of locksmithing / metalwork / mirrors in the building and infrastructure sectors.

DIB Radiation Protection represents 30% of our activity and includes all the works we achieve for the medical radiotherapy, industrial radiography, nuclear medicine and nuclear energy sectors both in France and abroad.

DIB Industrial Solutions represents 15% of our business and includes two distinct services:

- Subcontracting of parts according to plan for industrial customers, particularly with a precision stainless steel metallery workshop.

- Design and manufacture of heavy-duty sliding shelf cabinets for the industrial, defence and aeronautical sectors.

This growth and development are based on the company's three historical areas of expertise: design, manufacture and on-site installation.




Our mission


" For 40 years, DIB Production has developed on the basis of a culture of reliability, professionalism and listening to its customers' needs. The customer culture that drives each member of our staff is to consider each order as a collaborative project where our criterion for success is to have been able to carry out our commitments and to have contributed to the success of our customer.

Our goal is to maintain and develop long-term relationships with our customers, enabling us to better meet their needs in terms of performance and continuous improvement. To do this, we have implemented targeted approaches by market segment, key account and product. These targeted approaches include organisational aspects, formalised quality management as well as the implementation of a continuous innovation process.

This partnership culture is also the one we establish with our suppliers, with whom we seek to develop and maintain long-term relationships.

Sustainability cannot be achieved without a strong dimension of responsibility for the safety of our staff and those of our customers, respect for the environment and our general involvement in society. Our DIB Green approach and the CSR Charter are a constant reminder of our commitment in this area.  

We want this partnership culture based on mutual trust and responsibility to enable us, in collaboration with our suppliers, to provide our customers with the tailor-made solutions they expect for the success of their projects. "

Michel Zahrai, CEO.


Key figures


Our turnover is about 10 million Euros spread over our 3 business units.

Over the past 20 years, we have a long tradition of exporting to more than 35 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Our 70-strong DIB team, operating from our 3 sites in Dijon, Paris Sud (Orly) and Paris Nord (Roissy), works in our design office, our manufacturing workshops and our installation department, which installs both in France and abroad. 

DIB Green


Corporate Social Responsability Charter

Our desire as a company and as employees is to act in our environment, aware not only of our role as an economic agent but also that of contributing more broadly to the progress of society. This commitment is reflected in our CSR Charter.

Safe and Clean Site Charter 

This charter represents the responsible approach to safety and respect for the environment that DIB's teams implement in our workshops, in our installation activities as well as in our purchases and our dealings with our subcontractors. This commitment is set out in this charter for our staff and in the subcontractor's charter for companies working with us.


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